When to Remove Wisdom Teeth


Tom Diekwisch

Thomas Diekwisch, DMD, graduated summa cum laude from the Philipps University of Marburg in the area of Anatomy and magna cum laude from the same University in the area of Philosophy. Tom Diekwisch completed his Ph.D. studies in philosophy with one of Germany’s pre-eminent science philosophers, Professor Peter Janich from the University of Marburg. Janich is one of the fathers of methodical culturalism, a development of the constructivist philosophy of the Erlangen school of philosophy.

As a student of Janich, Diekwisch focused on the impact of science culture in modern molecular biology and how science cultural approaches affect our understanding of the mind-body problem. The approach of methodical culturalism was carried over into two history of science publications related to the model system of the un-opposed molar (Holliday et al. 2005, Luan et al. 2007). Diekwisch also contributed to a commemorative article in honor of Wolf-Ernst Reif (Smith et al. 2013).


About diekwisch

Dr. Diekwisch currently serves as the director of the Brodie Laboratory for Craniofacial Genetics at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, where he focuses his research on areas such as the evolution of dental structures and the role of chromatin factors in development.
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